Bath and Brush service…

At For The Love of Dog we provide quality bath and brush services Monday – Saturday.   We do a thorough brush out, shampoo with natural shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, nail trim and blow dry all for an inclusive cost. We also offer the amazing shed-less treatment, the FURminator for an additional cost. By appointment only. Rates start at $30 and go up depending on breed, condition of coat, etc.

For The Love of Dog Denver Spa Prices

Do-it-yourself Dog Wash…

• No more mess, no more sore back bending to wash your dog.
• No more dirty dog
• Come and use our professional grooming equipment and let us clean up the mess
• Waist high, stainless steel tubs
• Warm temperature controlled water
• Brushes, combs, and dryers
• Shampoos and conditioners
• Aprons and towels
• Professional grooming tables
• And of course healthy treats