“Welcome to my dream. I created For The Love of Dog over 17 years ago with the idea of a wonderful, perfect place that I would feel honored to leave my dog.

Every dog here is loved, just as our own.

Everyone working here has a deep purpose involving dogs.

We are a family and are so happy to have you join us.”  Dana Hood

As soon as you enter For The Love Of Dog, Daycare and Spa you will notice the difference; soft music, a smiling face and the fresh scent. We think of every detail in making it a comfortable and fun atmosphere for everyone.

Our doggie boutique is filled with wonderful items for your dog, organic and healthy foods, treats and bones, fashionable collars, as well as fun gifts for any dog lover.

Our doggie spa is state of the art and fully equipped with luxury products and a hydrosurge bathing system. Whether it’s a Pawdicure, do-it-yourself dog wash or bath by one of our fantastic bathers, you can be sure that it will be the best “spaw” experience your dog has ever received.

Our daycare is the clean, safe and loads of fun. We have soft, non-porous rubber floors and lots of romping space. The doggies love it here and their parents feel at ease knowing their babies are in the best care possible. We have separate areas for little dogs, puppies and big dogs.

Our outdoor area is over 2500 square feet and just as clean as the inside. We have large kiddy pools, slides and tunnels for added fun and stimulation. In the summer we have 60% of the yard shaded with tarps that have misters attached, keeping the area cool. The dogs are encouraged to go to the bathroom outside, keeping them on their potty training. No matter which fun and exciting area of the daycare your dog is in, there is staff there to supervise and also to make sure they are having a super-fantastic time!

For The Love of Dog, Daycare & Spa   4751 E Virginia Ave   Glendale CO 80246

303.355.6700         Monday – Friday 7am – 6:30pm         Saturday 10am – 5pm